Date Calculator

You will find this a useful closing date calculator, due diligence date calculator, or calculator for any other critical dates in the purchase and sale agreement.

Date Calculator - Add Days to Effective Date

Using This Calculator

1. The date calculator is set up to add days after the Effective Date.

2. Determine the Effective Date of the Agreement.

3. Read carefully the provisions of the Agreement as to the termination date for:

  • giving notice of title defects;
  • seller’s response to that notice;
  • expiration date for the inspection period
  • closing date of the sale; and
  • any other critical termination dates

4. In calculating dates, the language of purchase agreements vary as to use of the term “after”, “within”, “from”, “of” or other terms.

  • A date that occurs 30 days after January 1 would be January 31 – January 2 through January 31;
  • The last date that that occurs “within 30 days of” January 1 would January 30 – January 1 through January 30.
  • Be careful to understand the language of the purchase agreement in setting the date calculator.